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# TiTux badge
![TiTux badge](./artwork/readme-header.jpg)
## board
The board is designed in KiCad and uses a dual sided pcb while only using one side for the components. It features an ATtiny84 with 6 LEDs and a switch powered by a 3V button cell. The example above was manufactured by [OSH Park].
## code
The challenge is to come up with your own interesting light shows, games, etc. for the badge. This repo includes a basic Arduino sketch using the [ATTinyCore] to get you started.
Use some crocodile clips and an AVR ISP programmer like a standard Arduino UNO with the [ISP sketch] and a 10μF capacitor.
## licence
The design and example firmware are licenced under `GPL-3.0-or-later`.
[OSH Park]:
[ISP sketch]:

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