Freedom Unleashed Software Development Kit (
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# RISCV should either be unset, or set to point to a directory that contains
# a toolchain install tree that was built via other means.
RISCV ?= $(CURDIR)/toolchain
PATH := $(RISCV)/bin:$(PATH)
ISA ?= rv64imafdc
ABI ?= lp64d
srcdir := $(dir $(realpath $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST))))
srcdir := $(srcdir:/=)
confdir := $(srcdir)/conf
wrkdir := $(CURDIR)/work
toolchain_srcdir := $(srcdir)/riscv-gnu-toolchain
toolchain_wrkdir := $(wrkdir)/riscv-gnu-toolchain
toolchain_dest := $(CURDIR)/toolchain
buildroot_srcdir := $(srcdir)/buildroot
buildroot_initramfs_wrkdir := $(wrkdir)/buildroot_initramfs
buildroot_initramfs_tar := $(buildroot_initramfs_wrkdir)/images/rootfs.tar
buildroot_initramfs_config := $(confdir)/buildroot_initramfs_config
buildroot_initramfs_sysroot_stamp := $(wrkdir)/.buildroot_initramfs_sysroot
buildroot_initramfs_sysroot := $(wrkdir)/buildroot_initramfs_sysroot
buildroot_rootfs_wrkdir := $(wrkdir)/buildroot_rootfs
buildroot_rootfs_ext := $(buildroot_rootfs_wrkdir)/images/rootfs.ext4
buildroot_rootfs_config := $(confdir)/buildroot_rootfs_config
linux_srcdir := $(srcdir)/linux
linux_wrkdir := $(wrkdir)/linux
linux_defconfig := $(confdir)/linux_defconfig
vmlinux := $(linux_wrkdir)/vmlinux
vmlinux_stripped := $(linux_wrkdir)/vmlinux-stripped
pk_srcdir := $(srcdir)/riscv-pk
pk_wrkdir := $(wrkdir)/riscv-pk
bbl := $(pk_wrkdir)/bbl
bin := $(wrkdir)/bbl.bin
hex := $(wrkdir)/bbl.hex
fesvr_srcdir := $(srcdir)/riscv-fesvr
fesvr_wrkdir := $(wrkdir)/riscv-fesvr
libfesvr := $(fesvr_wrkdir)/prefix/lib/
spike_srcdir := $(srcdir)/riscv-isa-sim
spike_wrkdir := $(wrkdir)/riscv-isa-sim
spike := $(spike_wrkdir)/prefix/bin/spike
qemu_srcdir := $(srcdir)/riscv-qemu
qemu_wrkdir := $(wrkdir)/riscv-qemu
qemu := $(qemu_wrkdir)/prefix/bin/qemu-system-riscv64
rootfs := $(wrkdir)/rootfs.bin
target := riscv64-unknown-linux-gnu
.PHONY: all
all: $(hex)
@echo "This image has been generated for an ISA of $(ISA) and an ABI of $(ABI)"
@echo "Find the image in work/bbl.bin, which should be written to a boot partition"
@echo "To completely erase, reformat, and program a disk sdX, run:"
@echo " sudo make DISK=/dev/sdX format-boot-loader"
@echo " ... you will need gdisk and e2fsprogs installed"
ifneq ($(RISCV),$(toolchain_dest))
$(error The RISCV environment variable was set, but is not pointing at a toolchain install tree)
$(toolchain_dest)/bin/$(target)-gcc: $(toolchain_srcdir)
mkdir -p $(toolchain_wrkdir)
$(MAKE) -C $(linux_srcdir) O=$(dir $<) ARCH=riscv INSTALL_HDR_PATH=$(abspath $(toolchain_srcdir)/linux-headers) headers_install
cd $(toolchain_wrkdir); $(toolchain_srcdir)/configure \
--prefix=$(toolchain_dest) \
--with-arch=$(ISA) \
--with-abi=$(ABI) \
$(MAKE) -C $(toolchain_wrkdir)
sed 's/^#define LINUX_VERSION_CODE.*/#define LINUX_VERSION_CODE 263682/' -i $(toolchain_dest)/sysroot/usr/include/linux/version.h
$(buildroot_initramfs_wrkdir)/.config: $(buildroot_srcdir)
rm -rf $(dir $@)
mkdir -p $(dir $@)
cp $(buildroot_initramfs_config) $@
$(MAKE) -C $< RISCV=$(RISCV) PATH=$(PATH) O=$(buildroot_initramfs_wrkdir) olddefconfig
$(buildroot_initramfs_tar): $(buildroot_srcdir) $(buildroot_initramfs_wrkdir)/.config $(RISCV)/bin/$(target)-gcc $(buildroot_initramfs_config)
$(MAKE) -C $< RISCV=$(RISCV) PATH=$(PATH) O=$(buildroot_initramfs_wrkdir)
.PHONY: buildroot_initramfs-menuconfig
buildroot_initramfs-menuconfig: $(buildroot_initramfs_wrkdir)/.config $(buildroot_srcdir)
$(MAKE) -C $(dir $<) O=$(buildroot_initramfs_wrkdir) menuconfig
$(MAKE) -C $(dir $<) O=$(buildroot_initramfs_wrkdir) savedefconfig
cp $(dir $<)/defconfig conf/buildroot_initramfs_config
$(buildroot_rootfs_wrkdir)/.config: $(buildroot_srcdir)
rm -rf $(dir $@)
mkdir -p $(dir $@)
cp $(buildroot_rootfs_config) $@
$(MAKE) -C $< RISCV=$(RISCV) PATH=$(PATH) O=$(buildroot_rootfs_wrkdir) olddefconfig
$(buildroot_rootfs_ext): $(buildroot_srcdir) $(buildroot_rootfs_wrkdir)/.config $(RISCV)/bin/$(target)-gcc $(buildroot_rootfs_config)
$(MAKE) -C $< RISCV=$(RISCV) PATH=$(PATH) O=$(buildroot_rootfs_wrkdir)
.PHONY: buildroot_rootfs-menuconfig
buildroot_rootfs-menuconfig: $(buildroot_rootfs_wrkdir)/.config $(buildroot_srcdir)
$(MAKE) -C $(dir $<) O=$(buildroot_rootfs_wrkdir) menuconfig
$(MAKE) -C $(dir $<) O=$(buildroot_rootfs_wrkdir) savedefconfig
cp $(dir $<)/defconfig conf/buildroot_rootfs_config
$(buildroot_initramfs_sysroot_stamp): $(buildroot_initramfs_tar)
mkdir -p $(buildroot_initramfs_sysroot)
tar -xpf $< -C $(buildroot_initramfs_sysroot) --exclude ./dev --exclude ./usr/share/locale
touch $@
$(linux_wrkdir)/.config: $(linux_defconfig) $(linux_srcdir)
mkdir -p $(dir $@)
cp -p $< $@
$(MAKE) -C $(linux_srcdir) O=$(linux_wrkdir) ARCH=riscv olddefconfig
echo $(ISA)
echo $(filter rv32%,$(ISA))
ifeq (,$(filter rv%c,$(ISA)))
sed 's/^.*CONFIG_RISCV_ISA_C.*$$/CONFIG_RISCV_ISA_C=n/' -i $@
$(MAKE) -C $(linux_srcdir) O=$(linux_wrkdir) ARCH=riscv olddefconfig
ifeq ($(ISA),$(filter rv32%,$(ISA)))
sed 's/^.*CONFIG_ARCH_RV32I.*$$/CONFIG_ARCH_RV32I=y/' -i $@
sed 's/^.*CONFIG_ARCH_RV64I.*$$/CONFIG_ARCH_RV64I=n/' -i $@
$(MAKE) -C $(linux_srcdir) O=$(linux_wrkdir) ARCH=riscv olddefconfig
$(vmlinux): $(linux_srcdir) $(linux_wrkdir)/.config $(buildroot_initramfs_sysroot_stamp)
$(MAKE) -C $< O=$(linux_wrkdir) \
CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE="$(confdir)/initramfs.txt $(buildroot_initramfs_sysroot)" \
ARCH=riscv \
$(vmlinux_stripped): $(vmlinux)
$(target)-strip -o $@ $<
.PHONY: linux-menuconfig
linux-menuconfig: $(linux_wrkdir)/.config
$(MAKE) -C $(linux_srcdir) O=$(dir $<) ARCH=riscv menuconfig
$(MAKE) -C $(linux_srcdir) O=$(dir $<) ARCH=riscv savedefconfig
cp $(dir $<)/defconfig conf/linux_defconfig
$(bbl): $(pk_srcdir) $(vmlinux_stripped)
rm -rf $(pk_wrkdir)
mkdir -p $(pk_wrkdir)
cd $(pk_wrkdir) && $</configure \
--host=$(target) \
--with-payload=$(vmlinux_stripped) \
--enable-logo \
--with-logo=$(abspath conf/sifive_logo.txt)
CFLAGS="-mabi=$(ABI) -march=$(ISA)" $(MAKE) -C $(pk_wrkdir)
$(bin): $(bbl)
$(target)-objcopy -S -O binary --change-addresses -0x80000000 $< $@
$(hex): $(bin)
xxd -c1 -p $< > $@
$(libfesvr): $(fesvr_srcdir)
rm -rf $(fesvr_wrkdir)
mkdir -p $(fesvr_wrkdir)
mkdir -p $(dir $@)
cd $(fesvr_wrkdir) && $</configure \
--prefix=$(dir $(abspath $(dir $@)))
$(MAKE) -C $(fesvr_wrkdir)
$(MAKE) -C $(fesvr_wrkdir) install
touch -c $@
$(spike): $(spike_srcdir) $(libfesvr)
rm -rf $(spike_wrkdir)
mkdir -p $(spike_wrkdir)
mkdir -p $(dir $@)
cd $(spike_wrkdir) && $</configure \
--prefix=$(dir $(abspath $(dir $@))) \
--with-fesvr=$(dir $(abspath $(dir $(libfesvr))))
$(MAKE) -C $(spike_wrkdir)
$(MAKE) -C $(spike_wrkdir) install
touch -c $@
$(qemu): $(qemu_srcdir)
rm -rf $(qemu_wrkdir)
mkdir -p $(qemu_wrkdir)
mkdir -p $(dir $@)
cd $(qemu_wrkdir) && $</configure \
--prefix=$(dir $(abspath $(dir $@))) \
$(MAKE) -C $(qemu_wrkdir)
$(MAKE) -C $(qemu_wrkdir) install
touch -c $@
$(rootfs): $(buildroot_rootfs_ext)
cp $< $@
.PHONY: buildroot_initramfs_sysroot vmlinux bbl
buildroot_initramfs_sysroot: $(buildroot_initramfs_sysroot)
vmlinux: $(vmlinux)
bbl: $(bbl)
.PHONY: clean
rm -rf -- $(wrkdir) $(toolchain_dest)
.PHONY: sim
sim: $(spike) $(bbl)
$(spike) --isa=$(ISA) -p4 $(bbl)
.PHONY: qemu
qemu: $(qemu) $(bbl) $(rootfs)
$(qemu) -nographic -machine virt -kernel $(bbl) \
-drive file=$(rootfs),format=raw,id=hd0 -device virtio-blk-device,drive=hd0 \
-netdev user,id=net0 -device virtio-net-device,netdev=net0
# Relevant partition type codes
BBL = 2E54B353-1271-4842-806F-E436D6AF6985
LINUX = 0FC63DAF-8483-4772-8E79-3D69D8477DE4
FSBL = 5B193300-FC78-40CD-8002-E86C45580B47
.PHONY: format-boot-loader
format-boot-loader: $(bin)
@test -b $(DISK) || (echo "$(DISK): is not a block device"; exit 1)
sgdisk --clear \
--new=1:2048:67583 --change-name=1:bootloader --typecode=1:$(BBL) \
--new=2:264192: --change-name=2:root --typecode=2:$(LINUX) \
@sleep 1
ifeq ($(DISK)p1,$(wildcard $(DISK)p1))
@$(eval PART1 := $(DISK)p1)
@$(eval PART2 := $(DISK)p2)
else ifeq ($(DISK)s1,$(wildcard $(DISK)s1))
@$(eval PART1 := $(DISK)s1)
@$(eval PART2 := $(DISK)s2)
else ifeq ($(DISK)1,$(wildcard $(DISK)1))
@$(eval PART1 := $(DISK)1)
@$(eval PART2 := $(DISK)2)
@echo Error: Could not find bootloader partition for $(DISK)
@exit 1
dd if=$< of=$(PART1) bs=4096
mke2fs -t ext3 $(PART2)